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Dr. Francis is the Top Neurosurgeon in Michigan. Caring for Patients and Helping Patients Achieve Pain Relief is Dr. Francis’ Priority

Dr. Francis has dedicated his education and career to helping patients find solutions to their spinal conditions, including adult deformities, failed spinal treatments, radiculopathy, and more. The measurable differences he has made for his patients shines through in their shared testimonials, and is evident in their improved quality of life. A few have been included below, but to discover a real transformation like theirs, schedule a consultation with Dr. Francis to learn about your treatment options.  

Wow I walked out of the hospital after surgery pain free. Dr. Francis is very easy to talk to, very pleasant personality . I would recommend him to anyone. - Dori Aldridge
They were all a very caring, kind, and easy to talk to staff! It was odd for me in the waiting room and they went above and beyond to assure I felt safe. Thank you so very kindly! I love Dr. Francis. A real easy guy to talk to. Having anxiety especially with health it made my anxious appointment seem silly to be anxious for. Thank you and God bless your staff! - Jessica Whitefoot-Dendy
Due to a spinal cord injury and brain tumor I have had the opportunity to experience many neurosurgeons be it as an on call doctor or my treating physician and without hesitation I can tell you Dr. Todd Francis is so much more than a neurosurgeon. He has an amazing bedside manner. When he enters your room he has a strong, confident yet comforting demeanor, that gives you the knowledge that he will do whatever it takes to protect you, and make you better. When he speaks he chooses his word carefully to assure you are given the exact information you need. However, after he shares his knowledge, he listens intently, and reassures your mind by taking his time to answer every question and explain difficult concepts in understandable ways. He never loses sight that you are a person, most likely scared and overwhelmed. When he interacts with you he treats you like you are his only patient. When you are in need he is there, when you need someone to fight for you he will stand next to you. It is an honor to have Dr. Todd Francis as your neurosurgeon, if you give your all, he will too. - Prentice Family

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