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Spinal Insights
Do I Need Spinal Fusion?
Arthrodesis, more commonly known as “spinal fusion,” is a procedure that is very common in modern spine surgery. The goal of spinal fusion is to create a single, fixed spinal segment from one or more mobile spinal segments.
The Difference Between Back Pain and Leg Pain
It is helpful to think of symptoms of spine disease in 2 categories: Extremity-predominant pain and spine-predominant pain. Greater than 90% of all spine patients present to my clinic with either one (or sometimes both) of these complaints.
Why Does Spine Surgery Sometimes Fail?
Have you ever had a friend or loved one tell you “I’ve had 7 spine surgeries, and I’m worse off now than I was before surgery!” How can this possibly happen? Surgery is supposed to relieve suffering, not worsen it! Every week in my clinic I see patients who are very tentative about spine surgery for this very reason. A clear understanding of why spine surgeries fail often sets their mind at ease.
Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
Minimally invasive spine surgery (MIS) employs unique surgical techniques designed to minimize intraoperative blood loss, speed recovery, and reduce postoperative pain.

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