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Adult Deformities

Adult Deformities Surgery in Pontiac, Michigan

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Dr. Francis is One of the Few Neurosurgeons Who Can Help Patients with Spinal Deformities

To help patients who live with spinal deformities, Dr. Francis has spent decades learning about the spine and offering solutions to countless patients who come back to him with normal, pain-free lives following his treatments. He is one of the only neurosurgeons that is qualified and recognized for his spinal deformity surgery and deformity research in the Metro Detroit area. When you schedule a consultation with him, Dr. Francis will do a thorough walkthrough of your options, both surgical and nonsurgical, to ensure you are set up on the best track to a pain-free life. 

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Lumbar Spondylolisthesis

For adults with lumbar spondylolisthesis, deep aching pain in the lower back is the most common cause for patients to seek out treatment for their condition. It is possible to have spondylolisthesis without even knowing it. In fact, about 5-7% of people live with this condition without realizing it. Only as people age do they notice a more constant or even increasing pain, or when they participate in something that requires them to stand or be active for an extended period of time. This condition is best treated in Dr. Francis’s hands with a lumbar fusion. There are several approaches Dr. Francis takes in performing lumbar fusion, both open and minimally invasive. Dr. Francis will be able to diagnose the severity of your lumbar spondylolisthesis and determine the best approach to help you live a life without pain. To get your questions answered or to schedule a consultation with him, contact his office at St. Joseph Mercy Oakland today.

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Degenerative Rotatory Kyphoscoliosis

Degenerative rotatory kyphoscoliosis is a case of abnormal curvature of the spine in both the coronal plane (curved side to side) and the sagittal plane (curved back to front). Surprisingly, it is a fairly common deformity in adults, but can happen at any age. Patients that suffer from severe mechanical low back pain as a result of kyphoscoliosis usually come to Dr. Francis because they have tried many other solutions but haven’t found one that works. He is able to help them find a modality that alleviates their pain quickly, including ALIF or XLIF and posterior osteotomy with fixation thorax to pelvis. Left untreated, this condition could lead to more serious spinal deformity, so if you are aware of the deformity, or have constant back pain, it is important that you seek out Dr. Francis for the best neurological care in the Metro Detroit area.


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Latrogenic Flat Back & Rigid Deformity

In the case of latrogenic flat back/rigid deformity, patients who have had previous lumbar fusion surgery are fused in a straight lumbar posture with no lordosis. This results in global loss of sagittal balance, severe back pain, and further spinal degeneration at adjacent levels. Adding more levels to the fusion does not help unless the global spinal imbalance is addressed. This is why many times Dr. Francis sees patients with several lumbar fusion surgeries and no relief of pain. The solution usually is in multilevel anterior column releases and interbody fusion at mobile levels, or a posterior column or pedicle subtraction osteotomy and fusion. Dr. Francis is one of the very few surgeons in Metro Detroit who does this procedure. Contact his office to set up a consultation with him and discuss your options to finally achieve pain relief!

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